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Our translation agency is able to translate all types of documents, especially official documents: contracts, statutes, minutes, annual accounts, K-bis, transcripts, civil status documents, powers of attorney, certificates, etc. These translations, certified by sworn translators, can be done in any language and are legalized by the competent authorities.

Our translators are recognized by embassies, prefectures, city halls, universities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other administrations. Because we care about your satisfaction, we select all our translators in a rigorous way.

If you need to have official documents translated, the UNIONTRAD Company translation agency, located in Paris, is at your disposal.

We carry out various translation jobs and offer our services to individuals, professionals, companies, communities and associations.

Entrust the translation of your official documents to sworn translators!

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UNIONTRAD Company also translates websites, user manuals, brochures, general conditions, packaging, etc. If you have a translation that you feel is of poor quality, we can also proofread it. Do you need an interpreter or a graphic designer capable of working on a complex multilingual document?

We are also able to meet your expectations. With a perfect command of languages and all the necessary technical skills, our collaborators are able to offer you high quality services..

| IInterpreting, proofreading, DTP in all languages: our know-how at your service.