The different interpretation techniques

| There are three main techniques of interpretation

  • Liaison and accompanying interpretation: during business meetings or official visits, the interpreter intervenes at each verbal exchange between the different protagonists.
  • Simultaneous interpreting: This is done directly during a meeting or conference. The interpreter, seated in a booth and in front of a microphone, translates the speakers' interventions as they occur.
  • Consecutive interpretation: the interpreter takes notes during a speaker's speech and then reproduces them in the listener's language.

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Are you receiving foreign buyers or organizing an international conference? Our official interpreters are the perfect and indispensable intermediaries for your seminars, conferences, congresses or business negotiations. Liaison, simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, the choice is yours!

Whatever your needs, we guarantee quality services. The selection of our interpreters is determined by their perfect command of languages, but also their technical and relational skills. They can intervene as well during an official visit as during a wedding ceremony.

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