The different services of your agency

| UNIONTRAD in Paris

| Free translation
A website, general terms and conditions, a user manual, a brochure, packaging to be translated...? Whatever your project, our team will meet your expectations.

| Official translation
We offer certified translations by sworn translators in all languages. Our translators are recognized by prefectures, embassies, town halls, universities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other administrations. Our translators are recognized by the prefectures, embassies, town halls, universities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other authorities. Whether it be contracts, statutes, minutes, annual accounts, business cards, transcripts, civil status documents, powers of attorney, certificates, etc., these translations are certified and will be legalized by the competent authorities.

| Proofreading
Have you done a translation or have a document whose quality you doubt?
Proofreaders review and correct your translations at a reasonable rate. We guarantee you a result that meets your expectations.

| Interpretation

Liaison interpreting and support
Simultaneous Interpretation
Consecutive interpretation

The selection of our collaborators is determined by their perfect command of languages, their technical and relational skills. They intervene during congresses, sales acts, wedding ceremonies, official visits...

If you wish, we can provide you with the necessary sound equipment with or without technical assistance.

| Pao all languages

Our graphic designers work daily on complex multilingual documents including Asian languages or languages written from right to left like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew or Urdu. We edit your packaging and communication materials, design and produce mock-ups in any language.

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